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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blackberry Calling Card Application

Free Download

This tool should work with all new blackberrys, just leave a comment if you find it useful and works with your blackberry.


  • Download it to your PC and install using the BlackBerry desktop application from here

Initial Calling Card Setup

After installation, go to Options

a new option will appear named "Calling Card"

Select "Calling Card" option, this will take you to the calling card setup secreen

You can have upto 2 calling cards setup for your blackberry, enter calling card name followed by the calling card toll free number or local number as per your requirement, if you need to enter the PIN then enter it in the following field (or leave it blank if not required), finally the international dialing access code.

Dial using calling Card

Open your Blackbery Address Book

Select/view the contact you want to dial using the calling card feature

Click on the menu and select the calling card you wish to use to dial the number

If there are multiple phone numbers, you will be asked to choose one.

The system will then ask you to dial the calling card PIN (if you have entered a pin at the intial setup screen)

Finally, it will come up with a prompt to dial your contact number

Thats it!!!!

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